Customized B2B login page: The what, why, and how

Why should you make sure that your B2B shop has a customized login page? Well, there are several reasons; Branding opportunities, better customer experience, and increased sales.

If you are already selling B2B online with an eCommerce solution – or considering getting started – you might as well go with a solution that allows you to customize your login page.

In this blog post, we will describe the what, why, and how of a customized B2B login page. But before we jump into this topic, you might want to read about other customisations you can add to your webshop.

What is a Customized B2B login page?

First of all, a login page (when it comes to a B2B webshop) is where the B2B and wholesale customers log in to order. The customers use their credentials (email and password) and are granted access to the online B2B shop, from where they can order from their wholesale suppliers.

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Then there’s the ‘customized’ part. As a brand looking for a B2B eCommerce solution to help you sell digitally, you will find that some vendors of B2B eCommerce software only allow a generic login page. That means that the login page your customers are seeing is identical to all your competitors’ login pages. You, as the brand-owner, have no saying in how the login page looks like, and in no way does it embody your brand.

With a customized (or branded) B2B login page, on the other hand, you as the brand can fully personalize the login page. You decide how you want your B2B webshop to present itself to your customers when they first log in. This way you can build a login page that follows your brand’s visual guidelines, style, and identity.

What are the benefits?

The most obvious benefit of a customized login page is that it helps strengthen your brand. Presenting your B2B customers with your logo and brand color palette instead of something generic and boring makes your brand memorable and stands out from the competitors.

Another benefit is that a personalized B2B login page improves the user experience for your customers by enabling uniformity with your website. Most brands have a link from their website to their B2B eCommerce solution, to guide B2B customers from their website to their online wholesale shop. A B2B buyer going from a (presumed) branded website to a generic shop login is likely to get thrown off and be unsure whether they are in the correct place.

Last but not least, we believe that a customized B2B login page will help increase sales. While it might not be the login page by itself that is driving sales, it is definitely contributing to a coherent and smooth ordering process. And countless evidence shows that brands that are effectively selling online are seeing increases in sales upwards of 200 %.

How do you get your own customized B2B login page?

So, how do you set up a branded B2B login page for your B2B webshop? Well, with Turis it’s actually pretty easy. Without going too much into detail, Turis allows you to:

  • Add your company logo
  • Change the color of text, buttons, and background
  • Add a hero image of your own choice.

You can do all of this customization with just a few clicks. No is coding required! This way, everybody should be able to build their own personal, branded B2B login page. For an example of a customized B2B login page, check the alpaca picture at the top of this article. This brand was able to add its Alpaca logo, a purple-pink gradient, and an image of a very cute alpaca. All to help ensure brand recondition for their B2B customers. Would you like to customize other parts of your eCommerce platform as well?

If you are interested in getting your own customized B2B login page for your eCommerce store, sign up for Turis. We offer a free trial, and you are up and running with your own B2B eCommerce shop in no time.

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