What is the best B2B eCommerce platform?

In one of our earlier blog posts, we explained what we believe makes a good B2B eCommerce platform. You can read that post here. In this blog post, we will explain why we believe that Turis is the best B2B eCommerce platform based on six key aspects.

So, if you want to learn why we, in all modesty, believe that Turis is the best B2B eCommerce platform, please read below.

However, before you commence the reading, please note that we might be a bit biased 😉

A smooth set-up

The first thing that contributes to Turis being the best B2B eCommerce platform is the easy and fast setup. At Turis we have spoken to a lot of B2B companies who have tried other B2B eCommerce platforms. Many of them had to wait weeks and months before their B2B eCommerce platform was ready for use. And they hated the process.

With Turis, we promise you that you won’t experience this. Our platform is specifically designed for a smooth set-up. This means, depending on the size of your business, that you can have your own eCommerce platform ready within a few hours or days.

The best user experience

The user experience is important both for you and your B2B customers. If the user experience on your B2B eCommerce platform is problematic you might as well handle your B2B sales manually.

Turis is designed by people with hands-on experience selling and purchasing products B2B. This means that all thinkable nice-to-have features are implemented, and all potential pitfalls and problems are accounted for. Both you and your B2B customers will most definitely appreciate the time and thought that went into our platform’s user experience.

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Want to be as happy as this guy? Maybe you want your B2B customers to be this happy? – irrespective, the solution is Turis’ B2B eCommerce platform.

The “looks”

we’ve said this before, but we believe that Turis is the best-looking B2B eCommerce platform on the market. So why is this (also) important? Well, first of all, it makes it more pleasant for you as a B2B seller to look at. While this is certainly a plus, it might not be essential for you.

What however is essential, is that it is also more pleasant for your retailers to purchase via. Not only will this make your customers happier, but a “good-looking” order portal will also make your products look better as well. This potentially means increased sales!

Customization and configuration

Another important aspect is the possibility to customize and configure the B2B eCommerce platform. This is important, as no two B2B companies are the same. If your B2B eCommerce platform cannot handle different types of products, different currencies, different types of discounts, different methods of shipping, then the benefits are severely mitigated.

Another factor, which is related to the “looks” of the platform, is the possibility of altering the visuals of the platform. You want your eCommerce platform to reflect the visual appeal of your own brand.

At Turis we understand the importance of flexibility, and Turis is designed to give the user as many possibilities of customization and configuration as possible within the realm of white-label platforms.

Utilization of data

An important benefit of using a B2B eCommerce platform instead of handling your sales manually is the increased possibility of utilizing data. To utilize and learn from the data optimally, however, you often need to be somewhat experienced. If not you risk drawing the wrong conclusions. Something that can potentially be fatal for your B2B company.

With Turis, this risk of data misinterpretation is greatly reduced. The reason is that the Turis B2B eCommerce platform gathers, analyzes, and visualizes the customer data automatically. This way you won’t have to be an expert in data and analytics in order to reap the benefits.

The price

Unless your business is just flooded with money, chances are that the cost of a B2B eCommerce platform is important to you. It might actually be the most important aspect of choosing the right solution for your company.

Many alternative solutions are so pricey that small- and medium-sized companies cannot afford to invest in them. With so many and crucial benefits of B2B eCommerce, we think this is a shame. We believe that companies of all shapes and sizes should be able to enjoy the benefits of digitizing their sales.

This is why we have made Turis extremely affordable. We even offer a free version of our platform for companies without too many customers and orders. This way you are certain that the benefits exceed the costs.

The wrap-up

There you have it, six reasons why we believe that Turis is the best B2B eCommerce platform. There are of course many other aspects to consider, but these six are among some of the most important.

Want to learn more about the many features of our platform? Then head over to our features section or shoot us an email at contact@turis.app. You can also book an online demo or just get started today with our free B2B platform: