Naturligolie and Turis

Through implementing Turis, the Danish brand “Naturligolie” was able to streamline its internal B2B workflow.

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Naturligolie Numbers since Using Turis

Yearly growth in Platform Revenue

Yearly increase in Order Count

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Who is Naturligolie?

Naturligolie was founded in 2017 when the founders saw the opportunity to produce an organic alternative for skin care with a timeless look and natural ingredients. The high-quality products have a classic Nordic design and sustainable packaging.

“We mainly focus on oil products but slowly step into creating serums. We are looking into expanding our product range horizontally and creating products you can use in the shower”

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Natural Oils for everyone

Their business model consists of two parts. The first part is, Naturligolie for end consumers and retailers. The second is for wholesalers and private labels.

While all current customers are Danish, the next step is to expand the business internationally.
Partnerships with the first German retailers are already in place.

“Our Value is creating natural products, that look good, are affordable and have transparent communication”

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“Retailers didn’t know how to use our B2B Excel sheet”

Before switching to a dedicated B2B platform, Naturligolie used a typical Excel sheet. Retailers had to put in the product quantities manually and the sheet would calculate the price.

“I don’t think we had one customer that understood how to use it, even though we thought it was intuitive. I imagine this is a classic ‘before Turis’ scenario”.

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Finally, a structured order experience for our customers

After some time, Naturligolie decided to focus more on B2B sales. From their experience with eCommerce, they knew how important it is for customers to place orders effortlessly. When scanning the web they instantly got in direct contact with the founders of Turis and liked the platform.

By using Turis, Naturligolie could streamline sales, packaging, and finance. Less miscommunication and unstructured experiences for the customer.

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Fast implementation and valuable features

The implementation went fast and smoothly, and the Naturligolie B2B shop was up and running almost instantly.

“It’s been great to experience an agile business ready to cater to our individual needs even though we know we are a small fish.”

“Our team feels the tool is intuitive and especially appreciates the integrations with both Shipmondo and e-conomic. And our retailers get super excited for the confetti in the order confirmation!”