Buddy Pet Foods and Turis

Swedish pet food brand, Buddy Pet Foods, uses Turis to handle its fast-growing number of retailers and B2B orders.

Buddy pet food

Who is Buddy Pet Foods

Buddy Pet Foods was founded in 2018 out of a love for pets! The team was not satisfied with the industry nor the pet food options available on the market and decided to take matters into our own hands.

❝We wanted to drive product quality, transparency, and function in combination with design to the Nordic market. Together with a group of vets, chefs, and nutrition experts, we created a new and better alternative to the factories’ outdated feed.❞

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Honest pet food made with love

Buddy Pet Foods sells 100% natural, high quality, and super premium pet food, pet care, and pet supplements products. The healthy meals and snacks are guaranteed free from grains, sugar, gluten, and soy. Instead, they are packed with Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

❝For us it is important that we can provide every individual dog with the right kind of food. Therefore we offer different food menus which cover every dog’s needs and preferences.❞

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Do good for pets, pet parents, AND the planet

Buddy Pet Food doesn’t only care for four-legged friends and owners; they also have a big love for our planet.

Obviously, producing and transporting pet food affects the environment. Therefore it’s essential for Buddy Pet Foods to climate compensation more than what they impact.

In addition to climate compensation, Buddy sponsors animal shelters, only uses recyclable plastics, and aims to be climate neutral by 2025.

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Handling wholesale orders as the business is growing.

Before implementing Turis, Buddy Pet Food received all B2B orders via email and excel order forms. As the demand for high-quality pet food and snacks grew, this manual approach couldn’t cut it, and the team looked to Turis for a swift implementation of a professional B2B order platform.

❝We decided to collaborate with Turis because of the easiness of use and low barrier to getting started – in combination with the right type of APIs to drive automation of admin and, of course, a flexible and supportive Turis team.❞

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An intuitive tool with fantastic support

Since Buddy Pet Food was switching to Turis, the admin time and order management improved significantly.

❝We are now fully automated from order placement to dispatch and invoicing through APIs.❞

Buddy Pet Food learned to use the platform within a few days and has been very happy with the tool, implementation, and support.

❝We have always had an open and frank discussion with Turis. The team has been exceptionally solution-oriented and keen to listen to feedback.❞

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The benefit of B2B integrations

❞ Our favorite feature is the integrations!❞

Buddy Pet Food utilizes the many integration options in Turis to save time on manual work. They Integrate with Slack for instant notifications, Fortnox to drive automatic invoicing, and Ongoing to manage stock.

These integrations along with the built-in platform features, help support Buddy Pet Foods handle their fast-growing B2B sales.