Automatic shipping calculation

Let Turis calculate shipping for you!

Calculating delivery costs for wholesale and B2B orders is often very time-consuming. Shipping costs vary a lot and depend on order amount, region, weight, etc. In Turis we want to give our users an easy and time-saving solution to calculate their shipping costs and add them automatically in the checkout.

Each brand calculates shipping differently. Therefore, we are offering a variety of ways to calculate shipping. Users can set up shipping rates after region, order amount, volume, and weight! Furthermore, it is possible to differentiate shipping limits and prices per customer.

The automatic calculation of shipping benefits both the brand and the customer:
The brand saves time and manual work, not having to calculate shipping costs and add them to already placed orders.
The retailers ordering via Turis will know the total order amount – including shipping costs – right away, instead of wondering how much they will need to pay on top of their order.

Best of all, managing wholesale shipping rates is super easy in Turis!

To do so, look in Settings for Shipping and click Regions in the drop-down. Delivery costs often depend on where your warehouse is located and where you are shipping the order to. Therefore, setting up different regions, helps you to distinguish the costs of delivery.

After creating your regions, go to Rates. Select your region and choose if you want your rates based on Weight or Price.

image 10

By adding the correct tiers and rates, shipping costs will automatically get added for each retailer individually.  

image 2

💡Pro tip: If you select weight, do not forget to add the weight of the products to the product card. Only then the system will know how “heavy” an order will be. 😉

Looks pretty simple, right? Be efficient in handling your B2B orders and start saving time by using our shipping rates functionality.

With Turis, everyone can calculate shipping!