Your wholesale business earns more with an eCommerce solution

At Turis we advocate for wholesale businesses to invest in Wholesale eCommerce for two reasons; firstly, we have created the best wholesale eCommerce solution on the market, and want you to try it! Secondly, we know that your business will benefit from it, and you deserve that.

As you might have seen in some of our earlier blog posts, there are several benefits to investing in a wholesale eCommerce solution. One of the most noteworthy, however, is increased earnings.

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In this blog post, we will briefly cover some evidence that supports this statement.

Wholesale eCommerce increases earnings – The evidence

The first evidence comes from a 2014 analysis from the Confederation of Danish Industry. The scope of the analysis was to determine the effect of using eCommerce in Danish wholesale businesses. They found that companies using eCommerce experienced earnings per employee almost twice the size of companies without eCommerce. This effect was consistent for wholesale companies of all sizes.

The second piece of evidence also comes from the Confederation of Danish Industry. This time from a newer 2017 analysis on the effects of B2B eCommerce. Here they asked the B2B companies already making using eCommerce which benefits they experienced. More than half reported that they had experienced improved efficiency, more customers, better customer retention, additional sales, or reduced costs.

Does the Turis platform guarantee increased earnings?

There are no guarantees in life. The same of course goes for the life of your wholesale business. Therefore, we cannot promise that Turis will result in extraordinary sales and earnings for your company. However, with the very reasonable pricing of Turis, we can guarantee, that it would be a shame not to give it a shot.