How to get more retailers

In a wholesale business, your retailers and B2B accounts are your closest partners. Being crucial to your company, it’s important that you also get the right partners and not just any partner.

Once your brand starts gaining exposure and popularity, you will experience that potential retailers and resellers will contact you to partner up and sell your products in their stores directly to their customers.

Getting such requests directly in your inbox is a huge step for any brand. And at the same time, it’s intriguing for a brand just to accept all of them. After all, they all want to buy your products!

Well, if you’ve spent time developing a brand strategy and set goals for your ideal target group, customer types, and the retailers that you dream will one day sell your products, you should not just accept any request.

You need to carefully select your retailers from the very beginning since this is a key part of building your brand and its identity. If you are building a high-end brand, you need to think high-end from the beginning. That being said, you can’t get the most prestigious retailers from the start. But make sure to enter into partnerships with the ones that share your attention to high-end products and experiences.

How to get retailers – and how to get the right ones

Whether you are just getting your first retailers or already have a long list, one thing’s for sure; to get more retailers, you need to make it super simple for new ones to approach you.

We often see brands handling this entire process by email with the starting point of the conversation being something like this:

While getting new business requests is great, they all require significant manual work before a new wholesale account can be closed (or, in some cases, declined).

To make a decision based on the example request above, the brand will have to:

  • Look for information that can give them more detail on the interested retailer.
  • Evaluate whether or not the store itself is appropriate for the brand
  • Check the location (if physical) to see if the brand already has retailers in the area.
  • Ask for more information (what specific products are they interested in, can they meet the MOQs, etc.).
  • And finally, the brand has to manually reply, request more information, or outright decline.

Due to the amount of manual work involved in reviewing and replying to these types of requests, many brands simply don’t get around to doing it. Especially having to start the dialogue by requesting more information (and remember what information you need) is tedious.

The result is often lost business opportunities. But also a negative reputation in the retailer community because you (as the brand) didn’t bother to reply to a serious request.

The solution

In Turis, we’ve built a feature for handling retailer applications/requests in a simple and structured way. This is just yet another benefit of having a B2B eCommerce platform.

We allow the brand to set up an application form. The form includes just the right fields for each individual brand to determine whether or not a new retailer is relevant for them. You might have standards for locations, Instagram/Social presence, customer volume, in-store location – you name it! You can include everything in your very own application form.

This allows for a structured information collection, which makes sure that all new potential retailers answer the same questions.

Your application form can be embedded on your website so that you can direct all your retailer requests to it. This way, you collect all the submissions in one shared location – Turis.

I already have a form on my website for contact and retailer requests. How is this better?

A form alone doesn’t do the job. It still requires you to manually process the data and store the status in a central location. And it still requires you to provide the retailer with your terms and conditions, your price list, and more – all in a handwritten email.

When you accept a retailer application in Turis, we will automatically create a user for the retailer and its first buyer. Turis automatically send this information to the user simultaneously so that they can start shopping immediately and get your products on their shelves. All with minimal effort from you, or anyone in your team (retailer applications can be handled by all admins in Turis).

Start getting more retailers, easier, today

Let’s help you get more (and the right) retailers with Turis. Getting a B2B eCommerce platform doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or for mature brands. Getting a digital platform for B2B and wholesale is for anyone with ambitions to build or run a global brand.

Sign up now, or book a free demo to learn more about how Turis can help your business.

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