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Who’s Copenhagen Cartel?

Imagine yourself on a surfboard in the middle of the sea. It is a beautiful morning; the sun is shining, and the sun rays are glancing on the water. You look down and… you find yourself surrounded by plastic waste… This is not fiction, but the shocking truth that our founder Katrine Lee Larsen experienced when she lived and worked in Bali in 2016. Just one of the hundreds of places in the world where you can literally be surfing a sea of plastic

The true magnitude of ocean plastic pollution is mind-blowing…

When Katrine realized that the oceans are home to millions of tons of plastic waste just floating around, threatening the very existence of life underwater, she knew that action needed to be taken. And the idea of Copenhagen Cartel was born.

So, this is what we do. They alleviate some of the pressure our current ways of living has on our planet, especially the oceans, by challenging the traditional ways of producing and consuming fashion. We use sustainable and innovative fibres, materials, and production methods. This allows us to produce sustainable high-quality, lasting products that literally cleans the oceans from plastic waste.

We sell swimwear and activewear made of recycled ocean plastic – primarily dangerous ghost nets that float around the oceans, killing thousands of marine life every year. The idea for Copenhagen Cartel was born after Katrine, founder, lived in Bali and experienced the true magnitude of ocean plastic pollution.

We also strive to be more than just a clothing brand; we are a community of passionate, aspirational, and brave frontrunners and we facilitate opportunities for people and other brands to join us in making a plastic positive choice. Why? Because we truly believe in putting people and the planet before profit – and impact before glory. We live and breathe to rid the oceans of plastic waste. It’s on the agenda in everything we do, both as a brand and as human beings living and fulfilling the mission of Copenhagen Cartel; to contribute to keeping the ocean healthy – for ourselves, for you and for generations to come.

We work hard, every day, to lead the way to a cleaner ocean through our plastic positive, sustainable, and high-quality products, collaborations, initiatives and donations.

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How do you currently sell your products?

Copenhagen Cartel started out as an online-only D2C brand, but we quickly realized that our customers and community needed to be able to feel, touch and try – especially our swimwear. Many have a hard time imagining how recycled ocean waste would feel on the body, at the same time it is difficult to buy swimwear online, it made sense to explore a retail strategy. In February 2021 we onboarded our first Danish retailer. Now we have +50 retailers, primarily in Denmark. We just signed our first international distributor to make our ocean-positive products available outside Denmark.

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What do you do to stand out to your retailers and the services you offer them?

Our Purpose is both our reason to exist and our guidance in every decision we make, whether it’s product development or retail partnerships. Our core belief is to put the planet before profit, and it is important that the people we surround ourselves with share the same values in order for the partnership to create meaning and impact.

Our products go beyond the material value, which is important that our retail partners are enabled to re-share with their customers. We educate and motivate our retail partners (including their staff) from a-z on our purpose, products (fibres, materials and methods), story and impact (how many baby sea turtles did we save together).

All our POS material is focused on our purpose and mission, our rags has a sign with a statement “Made from recycled ocean waste”, which is a valuable and important USP when selling our products. We offer to do window displays or in-store installations to create even greater storytelling by using old fishing nets as merchandising.

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What are the most important and prioritized tasks for you as a founder and for Copenhagen Cartel as a company?

All of them – at the same time 😎

What makes Turis an important piece of the Copenhagen Cartel puzzle?

Turis has great importance in Copenhagen Cartel since the retail aspect and revenue streams from this channel are extremely valuable and decisive for the company’s growth. Turis makes it easier for us to run the retail process smoothly and makes it possible for retailers to place an order and receive the products quickly. The software works well with other platforms we use and is a great tool since it is possible to sync and connect with for example Shopify and Economic. This makes everything much more efficient and time-saving.

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How does Turis impact the processes, tasks and the day-to-day operations at Copenhagen Cartel?

Turis helps us run our retail process and day-to-day interactions with our retailers more smoothly and makes it possible for us to save a lot of time. Before using Turis, we had to manually place a draft order in Shopify and afterwards create a new invoice in economic ourselves, whenever a retailer wanted to place an order or just a top-up. Also, we manually had to create a list of available items for sale B2B, but Turis helps us be more efficient with our time. Now our B2B inventory is automatically updated in Turis and aligned with our B2C inventory. By reducing the number of manual tasks, Turis makes our daily operations more efficient.

We don’t have a huge landscape of different software products yet, but I believe that Turis works well with the systems that we use and is very intuitive software. Therefore, Turis fits well with our current needs and the platforms that we use.

How did you experience the onboarding process of Turis?

It was a true pleasure. The boys at Turis showed a lot of attention, patience and flexibility.

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How does the team at Turis take care of you after you launched the platform with your retailers?

I think the Turis team is extremely helpful, easy to reach and patient. We are often in contact with one from the Turis team and my experience is that they are fast at solving any issues on the platform or developing new features based on our needs. I also feel that the Turis team prioritizes the inquiries one may have and is good at communicating so that you are involved in the process and know whether something is soon to be solved or not.

Why should other brands go with Turis?

Other brands should go with Turis if they want an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Also, I think it is a huge advantage that we as a company can be a part of the development of Turis and can influence the features developed for the platform. Therefore, other brands should use the platform if they want a flexible tool, which can be fitted to your needs.

Tell us why we’re so great and why other brands should think so!

Turis gives smaller companies and startups an opportunity to optimize their processes linked to retail and makes the experience for each retailer, whenever they have to place an order, more professional and smooth. Turis is a low fee concept, which is another advantage for small companies with less monetary resources than more well-established companies.

Moreover, the Turis team offers great customer service, and they are very personal. It is amazing to cooperate with people where you feel that they want to help you and always take your inquiries seriously.

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Your brand is everything

Your identity and branding are what makes you unique. Being able to enforce this in the ways you interact with your customers is crucial. Using a spreadsheet as the main order channel for wholesale orders is probably not the best way to brand your products or the experience you offer to your customers. If you’ve spent significant effort and time creating the perfect brand website for B2C purposes, why should you serve your wholesale customers with an off-brand experience based on a spreadsheet (or a PDF, at best)?

Turis allows you to implement most of your brand elements in our white-label eCommerce solution purposely made for B2B/wholesale to ensure brand consistency. Everything from the login page to the Add To Cart button, to custom fonts – it’s up to you!

  • Make your brand feel at home – also in a B2B/Wholesale context.
  • Easy customization – no coding required.
  • Give your wholesale customers an experience they want to come back to.

We know it’s a lot of information…

But we got your back

We believe that great platforms come with great support. That is why when you sign up for Turis you don’t just get a software product. You get a serviced product with actual people ready to help you, proactively as well as when you need advice or guidance.

We put an effort into answering every question in detail and in a way our customers understand.

Every time.

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